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Our resources will arm you with the tools and knowledge to meet best practice standards while reinforcing the School of Medicine’s distinctive identity. Keep scrolling to see quick resources or find guidance by type of project.

Website builder

You can start building a new site in no time using our free, self-service web platform.

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Quick-click resources



Find guidance for every project.

Brand Guide (pdf)

This guide will help you tap into the power of our brand through unified messaging and visuals.

Business Cards & Letterhead

The official letterhead and business cards have subtle style, a tasteful layout and of course a WashU mark.

Download Logo Sets

Find School of Medicine and Washington University Physicians logos and usage guidelines.

Editorial Style Guide

We don't have this memorized, either. See our official styles for abbreviations, punctuation, citations and more.

Email Signatures

Including an automatic signature on all of your emails is polite, it's helpful, and it's easy to set and forget. 

Event Posters

Customize and order event promotion posters using the FedEx Office® Print Online DocStore.

Logo Creation

Individual logos dilute our brand, yet differentiation is important. What to do? We've got your back.

New Website Requests

Use WashU Sites to create and manage your own website. It's fast, easy and free.

Planning New Photos

Find the moments that will connect with audiences and bring your story to life.

PowerPoint Templates

Our presentation templates help you focus on your content instead of sweating the small stuff.


If your group needs a sign, whether indoors or out, send us an assistance request.

Social Media Graphics

Use these profile and banner templates to give your social accounts a professional edge.

Social Media Guide

If you get social on behalf of the school, get to know the school's and the university's social media policies.

Stock Photo Guide

Thousands of WashU photos are available for use, and third-party stock photos can work in a pinch.

Vendor Guide: Video

Find out what you and your vendor need to know about HIPAA, on-campus filming, consistent branding and more.

Web Best Practices

Visit WashU Sites for tips on goal-setting, Google rankings and other website wisdom.

Website Server Policy

If you're working with a vendor, you may be responsible for your website hosting.

Website Tutorials

Visit WashU Sites to find documentation for the WashU or WUSM web theme.