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Find School of Medicine and Washington University Physicians logos and usage guidelines.

A strong logo represents its organization clearly and consistently. When the many departments, offices and centers at Washington University all use the official logos, a unified visual identity emerges. As this identity gains recognition, individual labs, departments and centers contribute to and benefit from the reputation of the institution as a whole.

The logo sets below include multiple options for both the School of Medicine and Washington University Physicians. Selections depend on how and where the logo will be used. Please read all guidelines carefully before selecting and using a logo mark.

Standards for using all logos:
Visual brand guidelines (pdf) »

Logos for merch and promo items:
Trademark licensing requirements »

All university logos were updated with subtle but important modifications in February 2016. Changes include enhancements to the  balance and alignment of the shield and improved consistency of the letterforms of the typography. Please download the logo sets below to ensure you are using the correct logo.

Use school logo for:

  • Research, including clinical trials
  • Education, including materials for or about students and housestaff
  • Communications that have mixed clinical and nonclinical audiences

Digital use only
Approved for websites, newsletters, digital advertising and slideshows
Download School of Medicine digital-only logo (zip) »

Use Physicians logo for:

  • Patients and patient information
  • Communications focused on only the clinical practice / Faculty Practice Plan (FPP)

Digital use only
Approved for websites, newsletters, digital advertising and slideshows
Download Physicians digital-only logo (zip) »

Commercial use of Washington University logos

As a rule, Washington University names, trademarks, symbols, logos or images should not appear on commercial websites and other communications.

For details, see the policy on commercial use of university names and symbols.