A subdomain — ex: department.wustl.edu — can be created for select websites related to the School of Medicine. Similarly, a vanity URL and redirect may be an appropriate way to streamline or brand a site’s apparent URL.

A web address should be short, recognizable and keyword rich. Use abbreviations or acronyms only if they are recognizable for your target audience.

The approval and creation process for subdomains can take up to three weeks.

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Subdomain request
If the subdomain you’re requesting is for an existing website, please provide a link.
Ex: firstchoice.wustl.edu, secondchoice.wustl.edu, thirdchoice.wustl.edu

Note on acronyms

Remember to avoid acronyms that are unfamiliar to your audience. Real words are typically easier to process and remember than acronyms, so shorter isn’t necessarily better.

On the other hand, more widely known acronyms, such as HR for Human Resources, can make effective subdomains.

See the guide to selecting a subdomain »

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